Nov 16, 2023

Montgomery County, Texas fire burns 60 acres

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas — A fire burned about 60 acres of land in Montgomery County on Monday, according to the Texas A&M Forest Service. Authorities said the fire started because someone was welding.

The fire was quickly contained without any structures being damaged or anyone being injured due to the fire. Montgomery County Fire Marshal Jimmy Williams said two people suffered minor injuries after crashing into a fire truck and two firefighters were treated for heat stress.

"We've been watching this area in particular for a few days because it's one of the driest in our region,' Williams said.

The fire burned along FM 1484 between Bart Lake Drive and South Williams Road. Stacey Aden's home miraculously was untouched by flames.

"It's a miracle that somebody was here," Aden said. "When you see the black all around and then just our house is circled around, ... it's a miracle."

The person that was home was her brother-in-law, a Houston fireman who was able to flag down crews as the fire started.

"Got them to pull in and go put the fire trucks around the barn and said, 'Save the house,'" Aden said.

Williams said rushing resources in quickly made the difference.

"They pushed it (the fire) around the houses, protected them, and then they stop it at (FM) 1484, which is the farm-to-market road. If it crosses there, it's going to go into subdivisions," Williams said.

Williams went on to remind people that a burn ban is in effect. He said fire crews need everyone's help.

Crews remained at the scene into the night to monitor for hotspots and make sure it doesn't spark back up.

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