Jul 26, 2023

Murata Machinery USA's Combination Punch Press and Fiber Laser System for enhanced sheet metal manufacturing

Murata Machinery USA, Inc. (Muratec), a world-class leader in combination fabrication machinery and turning centers, launched its latest cutting-edge Muratec Combination Punch Press and Fiber Laser (MF3048HL). This integrated machine combines the benefits of punch operations with laser cutting technology, eliminating the need for separate setups or material transfers between machines. Muratec’s punch/laser combines the power of a fiber laser to offer precise cutting, punching, tapping, and forming operations on a diverse range of materials. While the large turret capacity cuts down on tool changeouts, the fiber laser performs contour cutting and addresses the low-volume punch tool requirements. Added standard features like controlled punch stroke, quick change tools, scribing, and tapping increase production transitions from one job to another for more flexibility and shorter production times. With a press capacity of 33 tons and a rated output of 4.0kW, this hybrid machine delivers precise and efficient operations with power and speed. It handles a maximum sheet thickness of 1/4 inch, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. The processing sheet size options of 4ft x 8ft or 5ft x 10ft provide flexibility to accommodate various sheet sizes. With a high hit rate of 510hpm and a table speed of 4921 inches per minute, processing is fast, reliable, and efficient. Its processing precision of ± 0.001 inches assures exceptional accuracy and quality for punch/laser jobs with complex geometries, such as high-precision sheet metal and prototyping, especially in the automotive, aerospace, and electronics sectors. “We're proud to introduce Muratec’s new Combination Punch/Laser to the market, marking a significant progression in sheet metal processing technology," says Jeff Kalmbach, Murata Machinery USA, General Manager, Machine Tools Division. "At Muratec, we understand that speed alone cannot grow businesses in today's competitive landscape. Job shops need rapid and reliable flexibility to handle every opportunity, and this multifunction powerhouse delivers exactly that.”Key Features of the Muratec Combination Punch Laser (MF3048HL):• Integrated Four-Station Rigid Tapping Unit: A four-station rigid tapping unit that enhances operational versatility, efficiency, and high-speed tapping operations. • Vibration-Free Laser Operation: The fiber laser remains securely mounted on its dedicated frame, eliminating potential vibration interference during cutting and punching operations. This deliberate design ensures unparalleled precision and consistency in processing results. • Retractable Bottom Dies: This function retracts forming dies when not in use. This allows the machine to perform laser cutting and punching operations to reduce the chance of scratching and catching while making adjacent punch stations available.• Process Net Monitoring: Accelerates real-time monitoring and control for fiber laser operations and provides operators and manufacturing managers valuable insights. Operators can make informed decisions, optimize settings, and ensure optimal performance, productivity, and quality.To further enhance the MF series, we made the tooling styles of Wiedemann 114 and Thick Spring Style turrets able to accommodate your present machine’s tooling inventory. This combination machine can also be seamlessly paired with Unmanned Automation for loading and unloading, and with the FG series, Muratec’s next-level parts sorting system that’s specialized for fiber-laser technology to enhance efficiency.“By combining laser cutting and punching capabilities in a single machine, this multifunction machine empowers manufacturers with unparalleled flexibility,” Kalmbach adds. “By enabling users to combine manufacturing operation into a single machine and seamlessly integrate automation systems, companies will quickly realize the benefits in productivity and efficiencies through their operations, ultimately adding more to their bottom line."Murata Machinery USA will introduce this innovative punch/laser combination at Fabtech 2023 in Chicago from Sept. 11-14, McCormick Place, Hall A, Booth A3539.

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